NEW Shelldon Under The Sea Adventures DVD 4 Disc Set Complete Series 52 Episodes

$2 by Sue in Joliet & Shorewood, 6 days ago
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NEW Shelldon Under The Sea Adventures DVD 4 Disc Set Complete Series 52 Episodes in Chicago

Brand New Factory Sealed ~ Shelldon "Under The Sea Adventures" DVD 4-Disc Set Complete Series 52 Episodes

* Run Time 20 Hours 46 Mintutes

Join in the Fun with Shelldon!

Catch a wave and head to the Charming Clam Inn to join Shelldon and his friends under the sea where they learn about marine life and the environment on hilarious and exciting adventures that also share lessons to problems that children around the world encounter.
Enjoy 52 shell-splitting and eco-friendly episodes now available for the first time on DVD!

Disc 1
Season One
1 Crabby School Daze
2 Mascot Mojo
3 Alien Encounter
4 Baby Shark Blues
5 Tide of Doom
6 Shell Gone
7 Slime, Crime, A Hard Time
8 Meet The Cowries
9 Locked Out
10 Pay Happiness Forward
11 Guru of the Ocean
12 I, Shellbot
13 Beware The Warefish

Disc 2
14 Brand New Day
15 One Grain of Sand
16 Fast Food Fiasco
17 Love at the Opera
18 Trapped in the Shallow
19 Crabby's Mega Book
20 Get a Life
21 Doc Rock
22 Citizen Clams
23 Small Shells, Big City
24 You're not Welcome
25 Shelldon Makes Waves
26 The Great Treasure

Disc 3
Season Two
1 Hello Shello
2 Shelldon's Big Reward
3 One Small Step for a Friend
4 Scout's Honor
5 Never Judge a Snail by its Shell
6 Starfish Wars
7 Take Me to Your Liter!
8 Crouching Bully, Hidden Starfish
9 Big Mollusk on Campus
10 Click & Clack's Incredible Christmas
11 Journey to the Center of the Whale
12 Jumbo Shrimp
13 Not so Alien After All

Disc 4
14 Battle of the Burgers
15 The Great Fish Race
16 Cloudy with a Chance of Styrofoam
17 A Tattle Tale
18 Attack from Otter Space
19 Liar, Liar, Shell on Fire
20 The Day Mt. Papa Erupts
21 Shelldon's Broken Promise
22 Saving Stan Starfish
23 Lost and Found Out
24 The Ghosts in Shell Land
25 An Amusing Adventure
26 Herman Finds his Grandpa

Bonus Feature:
1. Series Trailer
2. Animal Adventure

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