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Young Coturnix Quail -- make great pets!

$15 by Ashley in Hammond, 4 days ago
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Young Coturnix Quail -- make great pets! in Chicago

Coturnix quail for sale. Fun little pets! They make cute little chirps and calls, they can be held and tamed if you like, or if not, they’re fun to watch!

These little quail are small so they can happily be kept in a guinea-pig type cage and are relatively low maintenance. Clean the cage once a week, replenish food and water as needed. Clean the water bowl (or use a quail waterer) now and then, and you’re good to go! They don’t ask for much! Our quails are raised on pine shavings, so no splay legs or anything like that, they walk / hop and they can fly as well. We only have a few adults, so these are all raised in home, no antibiotics, no nothing “bad,” just lots of love for the baby quails.

We only have males available at this time (6 of them). Males can be kept together as long as there’s no female in the bunch. This bunch was hatched 7/25, so they’ve recently turned 3 weeks old and they’re ready to go! The lifespan of a coturnix quail is 3-4 years, though some have lived as long as 6 years!

These cuties are $15 each, each additional quail add $10. They will come with some food to start you out.

If you want to get everything all at once, we do have some cages and other supplies that we could put together a starter pack for you. Price would depend on what all you want, and the size of the cage included, but probably add $30-50 for a complete set up. Happy to show pics if you’re interested.

Pictured are some of the quail we currently have available. You can come pick out your favorites!

Feel free to email me if interested or call / text 219-789-0026.

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