Holding At Third A Novel by Linda Zinnen Hard Cover Book with Dust Jacket Baseball

$.10 Cents by Sue in Joliet, Nov 25
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Holding At Third A Novel by Linda Zinnen Hard Cover Book with Dust Jacket Baseball in Chicago

Great Condition ~ 160 pages

Group Juvenile Audience
Grade From Fifth Grade
Grade To Ninth Grade
Age Range 10 - 14

Meet Matt Bainter: Baseball genius, middle child, loyal brother, King of Denial. When Matt decides to uproot his life to be near Tom, he knows he is supposed to be strong and tough, to lend support to his mom and brother. But he is haunted by voices in the outfield and stalked by a deep batting slump. Worst of all, he just can't bring himself to go anywhere near the hospital. With the help of a tough coach, Matt begins to balance on the edge of hope and fear. Maybe life isn't about a home run every day. Maybe it's enough to be standing up, holding at third, knowing that home is just around the bend. Book jacket.

Thirteen-year-old Matt Bainter is a crack centerfielder and the middle child in a large family. This baseball season, he has more at stake than ever before. If he does everything right, he bargains, his older brother Tom will survive bone cancer. While Tom undergoes treatment, Matt has to cope with the sacrifices that come with living in a new town and playing on a different?and far inferior?baseball team. He can?t admit to himself that Tom might die, and he can?t face his own rage about having his life uprooted, especially when he falls into a serious batting slump. With the help of his tough coach, Matt eventually owns up to his feelings, and by the end of the story both he and Tom are holding at third, on their way to home plate. Terrific baseball action, humor, and a gang of thoroughly original characters make this a novel as unforgettable as it is unsentimental.

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